I wish you'’re happy

without u im not happy but i hope you're happy 💕

cooffe and tea apreciator, a person who cries over shoujo manga, love to dance, sing and feel alive! I love anime and that's the reason this blog exists, also love cosplay and k-pop, idk welcome~!  

I love this acoustic version so much xxx

You are so fluffy. 

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I’ll show you that I can have both. My dream and a relay with friends. I’ll swim with the best team I can make, and make all of this a reality.

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The Ultimate Life Ruiner: Yamazaki Sousuke  (▰˘◡˘▰).

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-Sorry…The summer festival…did you wait for me?

-I did wait for you…I waited so long…

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吉岡 双葉 - Original ♥ || Edited & Colored by ♡

吉岡 双葉 - Original  || Edited & Colored by 

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